Dec 17, 2014 – Economic Lifelines responds to proposed transportation cuts

Economic Lifelines, the state’s leading transportation coalition, expressed opposition to the announced diversion of an additional $95 million dollars from T-WORKS to fill the current fiscal year’s budget hole and any future diversions to meet general fund shortfalls.

T-WORKS, the state’s 10 year, $8 billion transportation plan, has proven to be a vital program for all areas of the state, creating needed jobs in what has been a slow growing Kansas economy. T-WORKS was passed by the 2010 Legislature and more than $600 million has been diverted since its inception.

“While we have received assurance from the Administration that the proposed $95 million diversion will not affect already announced projects in FY 2015 and FY 2016, we are opposed to any transfers that jeopardize critically important road maintenance work and kill plans for future projects,” said Johnnie Koger, Co-Chair of Economic Lifelines.

Economic Lifelines shares in the vision of Governor Brownback to grow jobs in Kansas. One of the key pillars of the T-WORKS program is the jobs it creates – 175,000 jobs over the life of the program. Cuts to transportation jeopardize economic development opportunities for all Kansas businesses and affect safety on our highways. The proposal to cut from transportation is counterproductive to the Governor’s goal of growing our economy.

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Economic Lifelines is the statewide coalition of organizations and community groups which provide the grassroots support for Comprehensive Transportation Programs in Kansas. Its members believe that the economic development and jobs that are generated by such programs are vital to the stability and growth of the Kansas economy and that of individual communities.

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