Tara Mays, Executive Director

Having worked closely with Kansas’ transportation entities for the last seven years, Tara has broad knowledge of policy development for both the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Kansas Turnpike Authority.  Her work in Kansas government spans more than a decade and has been centered around the development and implementation of the T-WORKS program and the advancement of partnerships between the two transportation entities.  A Topekan, who graduated from Washburn University, Tara began her career in state service in 2004 and has continued to assist in policy development since that time.  With a passion for transportation and a knowledge of the system, Tara looks forward to advocating for long-term policy development that will benefit the users of our state’s infrastructure today and into the future.

Co-Chair: John Koger, The Koger Agency
Co-Chair: Dan Watkins, Watkins Law Firm
Treasurer: Michael White, Kansas Contractors Association

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