Ed DeSoignie, Interim Director

I have invested my career in advocating for transportation issues in our state and region, so I’m pleased to continue that work with Economic Lifelines. I’ve recently served as Executive Director of the Heavy Constructors Association of Greater Kansas City, which is one of the founding members of Economic Lifelines. During my career, I was a member of the initial Economic Lifelines team that worked on passage of the 1989 Comprehensive Highway Program while lobbying for the Kansas Contractors Association. I’ve also worked on passage of the 1999 Comprehensive Transportation Program and the 2010 T-WORKS Program and have served for the past 20 years on the Economic Lifelines Executive Committee. Previous to all of that I served in state government for 13 years, with six years as legislative liaison & special assistant to the Kansas Secretary of Transportation at KDOT.

Throughout these various professional settings, I’ve seen first hand the powerful, effective dynamic work of diverse Kansas interests uniting to support investments in transportation. That’s what makes Economic Lifelines so important as we enter a new chapter for our state.

Co-Chair: Dan Watkins, Watkins Law Firm
Treasurer: Michael White, Kansas Contractors Association

Strategic Communications of Kansas, LLC, offers Economic Lifelines extremely effective professional public relations services. A strong social media effort, coupled with timely and informative messages to Economic Lifelines members, has raised the profile of transportation issues in Kansas to impressive levels.