Economic Lifelines, a leading transportation coalition in Kansas, seeks proposals for an Executive Director/Association Manager. Specifically, proposals are sought from qualified firms or individuals to provide association management, communication and outreach services to members, the public and the Kansas Legislature.

Responsibilities/Activities include:

  • Effective advocacy for state funding dedicated to the transportation program.
  • Coordination of public relations and communications efforts among Economic Lifeline members and the public.
  • Maintenance of email list of members and larger universe of interested parties.
  • Develop messages for distribution and the delivery of emails to members providing current legislative updates and alerts.
  • Organize meetings with members, advocates and stakeholders around the state.
  • Continue to recruit new members. Leverage local stakeholders to communicate with and persuade legislators to support transportation funding.
  • Organize regular meetings of the executive committee.
  • Educate stakeholders on issues related to transportation.
  • Assist in educating legislators on the importance of transportation to the State and especially to their constituents and communities.
  • Communicate the importance of federal funding to the Kansas federal delegation and provide updates on Federal transportation issues to the membership
  • Organize a minimum of one membership meeting annually and meet with members in local communities.
  • Organize a Day at the Capitol for EL members in coordination with KCA and Executive Committee.
  • Responsible for managing the finances of Economic Lifelines.

Skills required:

  • Motivational skills: ability to organize and motivate stakeholders to work together to actively protect transportation funding.
  • Communication skills: ability to translate technical information about transportation and KDOT funding issues into easy-to-understand language; keep members and broader transportation stakeholders informed and involved.
  • Membership development skills: ability to retain and motivate current members, recruit new members and new membership fees plus secure additional funds for unanticipated activities from key stakeholders
  • Ability to work across political party lines and with diverse constituencies
  • Organizational skill: ability to work with the treasurer to maintain the budget, maintain email lists etc.
  • Advocacy skills: going well beyond a traditional monitor and report approach– persuasive skills are needed to press points and urge action.

Please include any of the following for consideration:

  • Firm overview/Experience/Resume
  • Bios.
  • Active client list
  • Outline the approach you would take as Executive Director/Association Manager to manage the organization and advocate for the transportation industry.
  • Cost proposal

Interviews will be conducted by members of the Economic Lifelines Executive Committee.

Please submit RFP by February 28, 2019 to:

Dan Watkins, Co-Chair
Economic Lifelines
901 New Hampshire St, Suite 200
Lawrence, KS 66044