Dear Economic Lifelines Members,

The Kansas Legislature will return on May 1st to finish out the 2017 legislative session and they have a lot of work ahead of them. With the budget, taxes, school finance and many other topics before them, there will be close scrutiny of the needs of our state and many tough decisions.

With that in mind, we need you to remind your legislators about the importance of infrastructure investments to our state’s ability to respond to economic development opportunities. (Check out our updated talking points here.)

It’s critical that the legislature not allow the T-WORKS preservation program to drop to historically low levels in FY18 and that they get the state’s transportation investments back in working order.

To do that, legislators will have the opportunity to support meaningful revenue policy changes that create less reliance on transportation funds to balance the budget. We also need legislators to give the Kansas Department of Transportation additional bonding authority and flexibility to address the most critical transportation needs in our state. The budget in the house provides the bridge to T-WORKS necessary to get our state’s minimum transportation needs addressed during these challenging times.

Find your legislator and ask them to consider the importance of transportation during the veto session and to keep those critical transportation and infrastructure investments in mind as they work through the list before them during veto session.

If you have an opportunity to expose legislators to a behind the scenes look at their transportation system that we can help to arrange or if there is ever any information or assistance that we can provide, please feel free to contact me at anytime. I can be reached at tara@economiclifelines.com or by phone at (785) 969-9270.

Tara Mays
Executive Director
(785) 969-9270 or tara@economiclifelines.com

P.S. While you continue to have these discussions with policymakers, please feel welcome to use the feedback tool provided on our website. We will follow up with legislators to continue the dialog about the importance of infrastructure investments to the economy.

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