Legislative Update: March 22, 2019

Hearings started in the Senate and House on the package of bills introduced to implement the recommendations of the Legislative Transportation Task Force.

Read the report from Legislative Research regarding task force recommendations here.

Read more about the bills introduced to implement the recommendations.

Hearings were held in both houses of the legislature on:

  • Transportation Planning
  • Tolling authority for KDOT Secretary
  • Registration fee increases for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Increased fees for special permits for oversized/overweight vehicles.
  • Increasing motor fuel taxes by 3 cents.
  • Authorizing use of LAVTR funds for local transportation projects.
  • Exempting local transportation projects from the tax lid law.

Also heard in House Tax was a non-Task Force bill raising the motor fuel tax by $0.06 that directed all the revenue from the increase to KDOT and reduced the amount of sales tax receipts going to the State Highway Fund. The Motor Carriers Association initially came out opposed to the special permit fees legislation but worked with KDOT on a compromise that they now support. 

Senate Transportation Committee this week passed out the bill raising registration fees on hybrid ($75) and electric ($100) vehicles. Based on discussions, other measures that may be reported out are the transportation planning and special permits increases. 

On Monday, the Senate Transportation Committee held a confirmation hearing on Julie Lorenz’ appointment as Secretary of Transportation. The Committee voted unanimously to advance to the Senate their recommendation to approve the appointment.

The Legislature is approaching a procedural deadline on March 27 to move Second House of Origin bills. The deadline does not impact the transportation legislation detailed above. First adjournment of the Legislature is April 5, 2019, with the Veto Session beginning May 1, 2019.

Click here if you are interested in further detail on legislation, legislative schedules and listening to Senate or House proceedings. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of building a vision for transportation in Kansas.

Ed DeSoignie

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