Legislative vote history

When T-WORKS was passed in 2010 after considerable effort from many of you, a sigh of relief was audible as we looked forward to the economic and safety of sound transportation investments throughout our great state. It didn’t take long, however, to realize that nothing is secure forever.

As the legislature struggled to fashion a budget year after year, it became painfully clear that the highway fund was going to be under constant pressure. That pressure peaked this year with the governor and legislature approving, for general government purposes, the diversion of virtually all sales tax dedicated revenue from the highway fund for FY 16 and 17. That will amount to over one billion dollars for just those two years.

Taking all the sales tax from the highway fund reduces KDOT’s income stream by more than a third. If that continues, it will mean T-Works will not be completed as promised and the condition of the state transportation system will rapidly decline. Not a pleasant thought!

Since we didn’t get to this point overnight, we have put together information on key transportation votes since 2010, which can be found here.

The spreadsheet also has candidate information for all legislative races that you may also find useful. In addition, as I mentioned in my last commentary, before the 2017 legislature convenes, I plan to visit personally with all of our members at their workplace to listen and learn. If you have special events where you need a speaker, I would be pleased to fill that role or do whatever else you find appropriate.

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Michael Johnston
Chief Executive Officer
Economic Lifelines

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