2016 Primary results

There is hope after all!

With the results of the primary elections this week, it is clear that those of us who are ardent transportation supports will have some new allies in the legislature come January. Without naming names, several legislators who were never friends of transportation will not be part of the next legislature. Moreover, many of those who survive will be better listeners when we visit with them in the future. With the general election in November, and the opportunity to elect even more Pro-transportation candidates there is certainly cause for optimism about future transportation policies. With so few things to cheer recently, let us all celebrate our victories but also understand there is more work to be done.

Please read this report which offers more information about the results of Tuesday’s primary.

We must continue to elect legislators who are willing to listen to our message and understand that “transportation spending can help to drive our economy and produce the jobs all Kansans desire.” There is still much heavy lifting ahead for transportation supporters. The state budget remains under stress, the school funding topic remains unsettled while we await still another Supreme Court opinion. But clearly, there is hope!

As I have indicated in the past, I plan to begin my personal visits to our members soon and look forward to listening and learning on my visits.

Keep up the good work!
Michael Johnston
Chief Executive Officer
Economic Lifelines

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