October 17, 2016 – Pro-Transportation Legislative Supporters Recognized

Topeka, Kan. – The organizations and community groups that make up Economic Lifelines, the state’s leading transportation coalition have released a list of Kansas legislative candidates who have demonstrated strong support for transportation. The candidates are being identified as a way to help Kansas voters become more knowledgeable prior to the November 8 general election.


“These legislative candidates have demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the role transportation plays in creating jobs and economic activity in all corners of our state. And they have a voting record that consistently reflects this,” said Michael Johnston, Economic Lifelines Chief Executive Officer.

He added that Economic Lifelines believes many new candidates who don’t yet have a voting record will be supportive of transportation. A list of those candidates is also attached. He urged voters to give these candidates consideration and support.

“What began as temporary borrowing from the state highway fund, has now turned into standard operating procedures to fill budget shortfalls. This has resulted in more than $2.7 billion and counting coming out of funds generated for transportation. And the threat of more money being taken remains, in light of ongoing budget shortfalls. A Kansas tradition of good, safe roads and the jobs necessary to maintain them is being dismantled as a result of current and past raids on the state highway fund.

“Kansans want this practice stopped. They deserve roads and bridges that are properly maintained from the taxes they pay for this very purpose.”

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