The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) has begun the process of letting additional critical preservation projects based on the $400 million in additional bonding authority Economic Lifelines worked to have authorized by the 2017 Kansas Legislature.

Economic Lifelines sought to have the additional bonding provide a “bridge” in funding over a two-year period, while the Kansas Legislature worked to stabilize funding of the General Budget, in order to eventually end the need for state highway funds to balance the budget.

In January, KDOT planned to let only $43 million in preservation projects during FY18, but will now spend approximately $320 million in both FY18 and FY19.

  • The breakdown in preservation spending, for FY18, is as follows:
    $115 million will be spent on “1R” projects. Examples of these types of projects are overlays, seals, patching and surfacing work. 1R projects help to ensure the full useful life of roadways and protect the investments already made to our system.
  • $143 million will be spent on heavy preservation projects. Examples of these types of projects are bridge replacements or sections where full reconstruction may be necessary. Two of the main projects that will be programmed during FY18 with these additional preservation funds are: 1) I-70 in Wyandotte County at the Lewis & Clark Viaduct over the Kansas River in Kansas City, Kan., which will be let in November 2017. 2) I-70 in Gove County from 1 mile west of K-23 to 4 miles east of K-211, which will be let in April 2018. Other heavy preservation projects can be expected in Edwards, Allen, Sheridan, Hamilton, and Butler counties during FY18.

The rest of the funds will be programmed to yet-to-be determined 1R projects and made public on the KDOT monthly letting list which can be found here.

It is important to note that funds for these projects are based on borrowing, so the funds dedicated for these projects CANNOT be swept into the State General Fund.

For additional project information you can always see further details regarding transportation investments on the T-WORKS website.

We want to again thank Economic Lifelines members for your support in protecting the infrastructure investments in Kansas. If you have any questions or if there is ever any additional information that I can provide please feel free to contact me at any time. I can be reached at tara@economiclifelines.com or by phone at (785) 969-9270.


Tara Mays
Executive Director
(785) 969-9270 or tara@economiclifelines.com

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