Top 10 Reasons to support SB 285

Below are the Top 10 Reasons to support SB 285 to #BuildAVision for Kansas Transportation by establishing a special task force to set transportation priorities for the State of Kansas.

  1. 23 projects outstanding: We must develop a plan to get the 23 projects that remain incomplete through the T-WORKS program back into the project pipeline.  Currently there is no plan to get those back to construction. Link to announcement and list. 
  2. New needs: We have a lot of emerging needs that need to be evaluated alongside the 23 outstanding projects to best plan for future infrastructure investments.
  3. Safety: We have serious safety concerns along Kansas roadways.  We know communities in our state today that fear sending kids on the bus and waving good-bye to their loved ones because of the safety issues on their commutes.
  4. Economic Growth: If we want our state to grow we must have the ability to invest in capacity needs – transportation is all about future planning and Kansas communities are planning for growth, the state needs to prepare accordingly.
  5. New Data: In 2018 we now have new and more innovative data that will help us to prioritize infrastructure needs and interconnectivity in new ways from a multi-modal perspective.
  6. Broad stakeholder support: The task force itself represents a wide-variety of stakeholders who have expressed their commitment and support of assisting the legislative task force and lending their industry expertise to the important conversation
  7. The time is now: With changes to the federal infrastructure plan, with similar discussions happening in our neighboring states, the time is now for Kansas to have a plan for the coming years of infrastructure needs.
  8. Return on Investment: Infrastructure investments have positive return, they turn around in state and local economies at significant rates.  Studies indicate that for every $1 invested in this area there is $3 of economic activity generated.
    *Source: 2015 Business Roundtable Study
  9. Opportunity to re-evaluate State General Fund and State Highway Fund relationship:  This is a great opportunity to begin the discussion about how the SGF and SHF currently co-exist and what we want that to be like in the future.
  10. Build a Vision:  This is an opportunity for legislators to work directly with industry and users to establish a vision for how we want our state’s infrastructure to operate in the future.  Kansas is known for innovative solutions to solve our biggest problems and with some time and work we have the chance to build a vision that will last here in Kansas.
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