Transportation Money OP ED: Hays Daily News – Oct 26, 2016

hdn_logoThere is growing anxiety and concern among local communities in our state regarding the transfer of earmarked transportation funds (more than $1 billion in FY 2016 and 2017 alone) to fill holes in the state budget. And while some have pointed out the surface condition of our Kansas roads are in good shape, many do not believe this will continue to be the situation if these huge transfers continue.

Kansas roads have received high marks as a direct result of significant investments in our state’s transportation system, dating to 1989 when the Comprehensive Highway Program was passed. That was followed by the Comprehensive Transportation program in 1999 and finally with the passage of T-WORKS in 2010. But now, with the Legislature and governor having taken fully one-third of KDOT’s income in FY 16 & 17, they have begun to reduce T-WORK’s scope. If the Legislature and governor continue these highway transfers, KDOT will have no choice but to continue reducing the scope of their work and the overall condition of the highway system will decline.



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